Lasting Freedom

Wednesday at 7:30 PM

Finding Food Freedom is a six week support series designed to help you begin to heal the relationship between food and your body! Each week contains teaching, discussion, and prayer to help you understand the important role food plays in your life. We'll cover topics including intuitive eating, meal planning to live a full and happy life, and accepting your body as God created it. 

Date: January 24th-February 28th

Time: 7-8:30 PM

Cost: $99 for the full course (Here is the link to register - we also have financial support available!)

Group Details:

Group Type: In Person
Category: Co-ed
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Thank you for your interest in joining "Lasting Freedom" hosted by Rock Recovery. Your registration is not complete until you have registered at their website and paid the fee. 

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Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Metro Accessible: No