The Bible Project

Wednesday at 7:30 PM

The discussion on Genesis gets to the heart of Paul's struggle in Roman, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Understanding Genesis helps us understand our struggles better and can lead to greater freedom that impacts our careers, our relationships, and our habits. It improves our lives.

Takes place at Ballston Quarter, feel free to show up with food at 7:00pm. The discussion will start at 7:30pm as a large group of guys and then break into small groups.

Genesis sets the foundation for understanding so much of the Bible. It's complexities and cultural differences can make it hard to interpret. But once you dig in, it's powerful and life changing. As a group we will be going through a podcast developed by Tim Mackie at The Bible Project.

If you're not familiar with The Bible Project, they speak and teach in a way that helps clear up many of the misunderstandings around the Bible. Through a cultural and linguistic approach, they draw out what is often missed by the Western, English reader.

Group Details:

Group Type: In Person
Category: Men's
Topic: Bible Study
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Metro Accessible: No