Online Womens Group

Wednesday at 7:00 PM

We’re rising young women in the health and medicine field. When not engulfed in books, we enjoy exploring, learning, having thought-provoking conversations, and of course, food! Whether you're just now learning about Jesus or you've followed him most of your life, we would love to join with you in your journey. Our goal is to dig deep within and understand how Hesed and the Book of Ruth apply to our many personal walks of life, all while building strong relationships and a circle of trust where openness, vulnerability, curiosity, and questions are encouraged. We look forward to growing our faith together in this exciting new season!

Our discussion this fall will help you better understand, experience and extend hesed through the drama of Ruth. We will begin by talking about what hesed is and how it characterizes God. Hesed comes up when we least expect it but when it is needed most, often times during times of trouble or tragedy. It is truly the heart of the Gospel, as we understand hesed we discover the good news of what Jesus has done. As we learn to extend hesed to others, it transforms our faith, family and relationships.

Online Group: This group will meet online only. Most group utilize zoom for their online meetings.

Group Details:

Campus: Online
Category: Women's, Young Professionals
Topic: Message Discussion
Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Metro Accessible: No
  • Allégra Joanna Mbwetshangol (Leader)
  • Jennifer Ngandu (Leader)