Family Group

For families with kids, our group will gather on Sunday at 11am, begin with lunch and then discuss the previous week's sermon. We have one child, age 8, and live just a few minutes heading north from church. We'll wrap up around 12:00 pm or shortly thereafter.

This session, we're following the sermon series "How To Get What You Want". The first eleven chapters of the Bible show us why things go wrong in our lives. Genesis 12, which also happens to be the chapter that changed the world, shows us how we can begin to reverse those problems. This discussion will dig into the principles we discover in Genesis that will help you get more out of life and faith.

Group will meet twice a month.

In-person Group: This group will meet in person in Arlington, just north of church. The exact address will be provided once you sign-up and connect with the group leader via email.

Group Details:

Campus: Arlington
Category: Co-ed
Metro Accessible: No
  • Ben Larson (Leader)
  • Cary Larson (Leader)