Mom's Group

Thursday at 7:30 PM

If God has blessed you with a child who is strong-willed, spirited, or otherwise has learned how to push your buttons, at times bringing you to your knees, and you want a group to walk with you in the journey, then this group is for you.  We are looking to build a Christian mom support group to walk together and support one another on the journey of motherhood and parenting. 

The intent of this group is to build strong relationships as we explore how to love and parent our spirited children the way Jesus calls us to love and parent them.  While the group leader will be responsible for coordinating logistics, we will share the leadership role.  We will agree on a book or podcast to use a basis for our weekly meetings and we will rotate leading the discussions.  

Hybrid Group: This group will gather online with options to meet in backyards or outdoors.

Group Details:

Campus: Online
Category: Women's
Thursday at 7:30 PM
Metro Accessible: No
  • Holly Marvin (Leader)