Host a Group

In the fall we’re going to do our big group launch, because our community groups are really where faith begins to take shape. We want you to find your people because when you connect with others, it also helps you connect with God.

It's simple, relational and easy to get started. Here are the qualifications: 1) you have to care about people, 2) meet with your group once a week (in-person or online) and 3) able to ask questions. If you can care for others, be consistent and be curious, you can host a group this fall.

Hosting a group will help you feel better connected to your faith and to other people. As the host, you determine the day and time that works best for you, whether you meet in-person or online, and what you discuss.

To help prepare you there is a short online training tool that we use to cover the basics of leadership. It generally takes about 30 minutes and can be done over the course of one to two weeks. Additionally, each week of the group session you'll get specific instructions on leading a group, facilitation questions to ask and content that will increase your knowledge and faith.

The group session begins the week of September 11th and meets for eight weeks. Together as a church you'll take on "The Hesed Habit", the central characteristic of God that changes our faith and transforms our relationships.

Give it a try. Hit the "JOIN" button and begin a conversation about hosting a group. Fill out your name and email, and I’ll give you everything you need to host a successful group this fall. I look forward to partnering with you this fall as God challenges us to live out one of faith’s greatest habits.

Group Details:

Group Type: In Person, Online
Category: Men's, Women's, Co-ed, Young Professionals, Married
Topic: Message Discussion
Metro Accessible: No