LGBTQ+ Bible Study

Sunday at 1:00 PM

Discuss the Bible and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people to grow in their understanding and relationship with God. This group is a welcoming space across theological differences seeking to pray together, explore the Bible, and share life with one another.

Feel free to reach out with questions:

Note from Pastor John:
Statistically, the number one thing the church has become known for is being “anti-LGBTQIA+”. That doesn’t fit with Jesus’ message: “they will know you are my followers, if you love one another.”  At Grace Community Church, our goal is for everyone to experience the power and love of Jesus Christ. We are a safe place for anyone who wants to connect with God through grace and faith in Jesus. If you have questions about our approach, please reach out to me at

Group Details:

Group Type: In Person
Category: Co-ed
Topic: Message Discussion
Metro Accessible: Yes
Sunday at 1:00 PM
Metro Accessible: Yes
  • Tom Roussey (Leader)