Sermon Discussion

Sunday at 11:00 AM

Our group is a safe place where we can come together to study, dialogue and share.

This session we are discussing the sermon series, "Your Why is Your Way". When we lose sight of our "why" we often feel that we have lost our way. This series will dig into the book of Genesis, which is a book of "why"--it sets up the whole course of humanity and history. To find our way, we need to go back to the beginning and grasp our "why".

Online Group
: This group will meet online only. Most group utilize zoom for their online meetings. Check with the group leader to see if their specific group might have an occasional, socially distant, in-person gathering.

Group Details:

Campus: Online
Category: Co-ed
Sunday at 11:00 AM
Metro Accessible: No
  • Craig Blum (Leader)
  • Bobby Robinson (Leader)