Invitation to Celebration

Pastor John Slye, Jr. | 05/06/18

Series: Rebel With A Cause


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We've been studying who Jesus is and the power of His revolutionary cause. This week, we celebrate the ways we've come together to make an impact for good. It's what Jesus is all about and what we want to be all about at Grace.


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Rebel With A Cause

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Invitation to Celebration
Play Video | Play Audio 05/06/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Juicing Up
Play Video | Play Audio 04/29/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Local Rebels
Play Video | Play Audio 04/22/18 Pastor Derek Adye
Love is as Love Does
Play Video | Play Audio 04/15/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Fight Song
Play Video | Play Audio 04/08/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
The Easter Rebel
Play Video | Play Audio 04/01/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
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