Second Chances

Pastor John Slye, Jr. | 02/11/18

Series: Trust Issues


Got trust issues? When it comes to building a relationship, it helps to know what to call someone. What if you started calling on God with a different name? Join us for Trust Issues as we learn new names for God each week, exploring how each reveals an aspect of his identity and how he wants to relate to us


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Trust Issues

Messages in this Series

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Title Media Date Speaker
Why Worship?
Play Video | Play Audio 03/18/18 Pastor Derek Adye
The Lord is There
Play Video | Play Audio 03/11/18 Pastor Brian Parker
The Better Life
Play Video | Play Audio 03/04/18 Pastor Derek Adye
Who Will Fight For You?
Play Video | Play Audio 02/25/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
The Joys of Freedom
Play Video | Play Audio 02/18/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Second Chances
Play Video | Play Audio 02/11/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
First Impressions
Play Video | Play Audio 02/04/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
What’s in a Name?
Play Video | Play Audio 01/28/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
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