How Us Connects

Pastor John Slye, Jr. | 10/07/18

Series: This Is Us


We friend, follow and subscribe. We like, double tap and share. Online or off, do we go from the surface to something more? Why is This is Us so binge-worthy? It reminded us that life feels more meaningful when we connect in real ways.


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This Is Us

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Calling Us Forward
Play Video | Play Audio 11/04/18 Pastor Brian Parker
Welcome Us Home
Play Video | Play Audio 10/28/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Harmonizing Us
Play Video | Play Audio 10/21/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
When Us Lasts
Play Video | Play Audio 10/14/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
How Us Connects
Play Video | Play Audio 10/07/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
How Us Grows
Play Video | Play Audio 09/30/18 Pastor Brian Parker
Where Us Begins
Play Video | Play Audio 09/23/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Why Us?
Play Video | Play Audio 09/16/18 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
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