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Sunday 4:00-5:30pm (Family Friendly)

Led By: Heather Witherspoon and Jeannette Argyle

Location: Fairfax

Group Description

We're new to Grace Groups, so we thought it best to tackle this new adventure together. We are located in Centreville, our goal is to provide some commuting relief and real-life togetherness for those folks who live West of the Grace Campus.

We're made up of two families, but we're not just a family group. We invite everyone to join us! As a group, we'll operate under two main principles: (1) life is better together and (2) no perfect people allowed! Each week we will have entertainment in the form of five kids (9 to 15), one hypoallergenic rescue poodle-mix, and a very obnoxious bunny. We live in a cul-de-sac with plenty of parking and indoor/outdoor space for the kiddos to play.

Group begins Sunday, January 13th. We'll be discussing the sermon series, "I'm Out to Change My World". This topic will dig into Paul's letter to the church in Rome with a focus on how Jesus impacts our lives, relationships and community.

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