Video Game Night

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Starts: December 14, 2018
Friday, 8:00pm

Ends: December 15, 2018
Saturday, 10:00am


Church Office in Ballston
1031 N Vermont St
Arlington, VA 22201


Name: Ben Darius


Phone: 860-712-4468

Multiple TVs and a few giant projector screens will be set up in the same room for all-out video game madness. Board Games and pizza will be provided in the evening and fruit in the morning.

REGISTER by downloading the app GroupMe and joining the group GSLnova. On the Calendar tab you will find this Video Game Lock­In event; select “going”. Then invite your friends! (Email Ben if you can’t use GroupMe)

Things to Bring: Friends, Video games*, Gaming consoles, Console cords/cables, Board games, Thumbs, Snacks, Sleeping bag, Pillow, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Pajamas.

*Leaders have void­power on any game for any reason.

To approve a game in advance, text Ben.