All courses are 8-10 weeks long and take place two Wednesday nights per month at various homes in the Arlington area. Course sequence is designed to prepare students to lead groups of all types as Seniors. Download the calendar.

Course #1: ALPHA

Because clarity is absolutely essential for a rock solid foundation of faith. This video/discussion based course is all about the big questions that MUST be wrestled with. The combination of excellently created videos and high-level dialogue makes for an experience that gives students life-long understanding. Lessons begin with why we are here and work all the way through who the Holy Spirit is, as well as the role of the Holy Spirit.

Course #2: Our Hope In Christ

Because knowing how to properly study the Bible changes everything for a student and their relationship with God. Quiet times become dynamic, life-giving meetings with God. We begin to know with first hand experience that God is alive and that God speaks through His word, and we don't need a pastor to hear God's voice. This inductive study through the letter of 1 Thessalonians teaches an approach to the Bible that paves the way for God to speak through his word into our hearts. The Bible is living and active, but is often experienced only as ancient and mundane. This course changes that.

Course #3: JAMES

Because we can't just get into this mode where we hear from God through His word for a while...and then stop, or move on to the next thing. In order to solidify the skills gained in course #2, and to cement the discipline of Bible study in our lives as a lifelong habit, we apply the process we learned through our 1 Thessalonians study to another book of the Bible. Spending two semesters in community, growing our understanding and habit for studying the Bible helps mold our relationship with God and each other.

Course #4: Not a Fan

This course offers a different, and very valuable approach to spritual growth through small group communities. A book study of this sort is challenging and inspiring! Kyle Idleman's book Not a Fan: Student Edition casts a vision for our lives that matches the vision God has for our lives

Course #5: Back to Big Questions

The core text hasn't been decided upon yet, but following something so inspirational as Not a Fan, an intellectual pursuit such as Timothy Keller's Reason For God, or C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, fits the bill. During this late formational phase in a student's faith, confrontation with hearty opposition to God can be wonderfully refining.

Course #6: TBD

The last course before a student is expected to lead or co-lead groups.