Let’s plant the seed and let the flower grow!

At the age of three to five it is important that we introduce the foundations of the Life of Christ. By planting the seed of Christian knowledge through many activities, our children are exposed to the most essential realities of our faith.  We believe that there is a deep bond between God and the child, which produces in the child the desire to draw near to God. It is our responsibility to protect that connection and provide opportunities that will begin the foundation of a human being, follower of Jesus.  All of these seeds are planted in hopes that they are soiled and watered when our children are promoted to our elementary program, where the reasoning mind allows each child’s flower to blossom and grow. 

Our goal is to inspire a personal and joyful expression of faith, by establishing and creating in the child, a unique relationship with God. 

How We Teach

Our goal is to foster the child's own relationship with God using materials, songs, art, and communal prayer. Each Sunday our amazing volunteers teach a lesson to our children through activities that involve exploration, independence, and self-discovery. Our children’s interest is our priority, and we focus on that idea when preparing our activities.

Modeling is key at this age, and the adults in our group focus tremendously on guiding our children to discover the wonders of the Kingdom of God using the bible, actions, and most importantly a safe and very loving environment.

How We Care

We care deeply about the health and safety of the children in our care. We take our check in and check out procedures seriously, requiring each child to be registered in our secure database.

Every volunteer completes a background check and orientation time to be sure Graceland is the right fit. Our volunteers understand the need for consistency and getting to know each child. Most serve every weekend or on a consistent and frequent schedule, so that our kids can learn within the context of caring relationships. Most of all, our volunteers are strong, easy to get to know, and volunteer because they genuinely want to be a positive model of Jesus' love in the lives of the children we serve.

At Graceland, we want to be a church where children love to attend, and we do this by making sure that their relationship with Jesus is being nurtured. We care about their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth! We care about their joyful life and all of what life has to offer! We care about chidlren collective and individually!