What We Want Them to Learn

At the youngest of ages, we want to help the children begin to understand the love of Jesus. Through the care we give, the lessons we teach, and the stories we tell, we want each child to feel loved and cared for, setting a solid foundation for their developing relationship with Jesus.

How We Teach

We use hands-on and interactive lessons that connect to the reality of the life our children experience every day. We want to give them concrete examples so they can connect the teachings to their everyday lives and experiences. We use creative art,  music and storytelling to offer the children a rich, multi-sensory experience. We also offer take home handouts or activities so the parents can connect and continue the lesson at home! 

How We Care

We care deeply about the health and safety of the children in our care. We take our check in and check out procedures seriously, requiring each child to be registered in our secure databse.

Every volunteer completes a background check and orientation time to be sure Graceland is the right fit. Our volunteers understand the need for consistency and getting to know each child.  Most serve every weekend or on a consistent schedule. A priority is having strong parent partnerships; being sure to connect personally with each family so we can ease transitions and serve each child as their needs dictate.

Most of all, our volunteers are strong, easy to get to know, and volunteer because they genuinely want to be a positive model of Jesus' love in the lives of the children we serve.