Mid-Week Digs

All 6 of our studies drive toward accomplishing one of our big goals: to gain a vision for a relationship with God that is personal. We believe that God wants to relate directly to each one of us, without a middle-man or go-between. Each of these studies plays an important part in developing this kind of relationship! Studies meet 2 Wednesday nights each month. Download the calendar.

Midweek Dig Course Course #1: ALPHA

This video/discussion based study is a great starting point for students who aren't exactly sure what they believe about Jesus, church or the Bible. It's even better for students who have grown up in church and find themselves associated with Jesus as a result of beliefs held by their parents. We believe most students need to re-wrestle with everything they've always heard about Jesus, and as mature, thinking people, make a decision regarding who Jesus might be in their lives. 

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Midweek Dig Course Course #2: Our Hope in Christ

Quiet times become dynamic, life-giving meetings with God. We begin to know with first hand experience that God is alive and that God speaks through His word, and we don't need a pastor or middle-man in order to hear God's voice. This inductive study through the letter of 1 Thessalonians teaches an approach to the Bible that paves the way for God to speak through his word into our hearts. The Bible is living and active, but is often experienced only as ancient and mundane. This course changes that.

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Midweek Dig Course Course #3: James

Because we can't just get into this mode where we hear from God through His word for a while...and then stop, or move on to the next thing. In order to solidify the skills gained in course #2, and to cement the discipline of Bible study in our lives as a lifelong habit, we apply the process we learned in our 1 Thessalonians study to another book of the Bible. Spending two semesters in community, growing our understanding and habit for studying the Bible helps mold our relationship with God and each other.

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Midweek Dig Course Course #4: Not a Fan

Fans are merely enthusiastic admirers. Jesus wants a relationship with us that goes beyond that. Kyle Idleman's book Not a Fan: Student Edition helps us see what Jesus had in mind for those who chose to have a personal relationship with Him. At this point you may have concluded that Jesus was who he said he was, you have a solid understanding for what it looks like to interact with God through his word, but what does it mean to truly follow Jesus? This study really helps us catch a vision for that life!

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Midweek Dig Course Course #5: Reason For God

How does God allow suffering in the world? How could a loving God send people to hell? Why isn't Christianity more inclusive? How can there be one true religion? These questions can become major barriers for many of us in our relationship with God. We want to wrestle with the tough stuff together, so our relationship with God might be even stronger!

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Midweek Dig Course Course #6: Bible Genre Survey

After a couple semesters digging through other great resources for spiritual growth, we're back in the Bible! Until now our studies of the Bible have been in one genre: letters from apostles to early churches. This study applies the learned principles to 3 different genres of text in the Bible: history, prophecy and gospel! Let's work together to get a feel for what it means to study different genres of text in God's word!