Palm Sunday Panel Discussion

Pastor John Slye, Jr. | 04/09/17

Series: Rethink Church




As the church, God calls us to impact the world. What does it take to move the needle in a positive direction? This panel discussion is a part of our ongoing efforts at racial reconciliation.


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Rethink Church

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Palm Sunday Panel Discussion
Play Video | Play Audio 04/09/17 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
God is Working
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Rethink Suffering
Play Video | Play Audio 03/26/17 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
You Belong Here
Play Video | Play Audio 03/19/17 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Join the Movement
Play Video | Play Audio 03/12/17 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
Church is Poison?
Play Video | Play Audio 03/05/17 Pastor John Slye, Jr.
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