Judas: The Unlikeliest Hero

Pastor Derek Adye | 07/08/18

Series: Unlikely Heroes


Message Outline



One of the nicknames for a traitor dates back to a betrayal that took place 2000 years ago.  Join us as we take a deeper look at the man whose actions led to the death of Jesus and how in the world he could be a hero.


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Unlikely Heroes

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James: The Naysayer
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Judas: The Unlikeliest Hero
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David: A Mighty Fall
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John The Baptist: Jesus Freak
Play Video | Play Audio 06/24/18 Pastor Derek Adye
Peter: Foot-Shaped Mouth
Play Video | Play Audio 06/17/18 Pastor Derek Adye
Mary Magdalene: Scandalous Grace
Play Video | Play Audio 06/10/18 Pastor Derek Adye
Thomas: Doubting Thomas
Play Video | Play Audio 06/03/18 Pastor Derek Adye
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