The Justice Experience

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July 16, 2017



In this series we explore what we can do to make a more just world and combat the injustice in our society.


July 16 
LIVE.  God's character and nature is that of love AND justice.  In order to be just like God, we must first encounter God and see His heart for justice.  Justice isn't something we do; it's how we live our entire lives!

July 23
PRAY.  Prayer matters because God says it does!  Pray specifically.  Ultimately, God may send YOU as the answer to another's prayer.

July 30
SPEND. What we consume has a radical effect on others. Our demand creates need for the supply.  Purchase fair trade products.

August 6
GIVE.  Giving sacrificially is where it's at.  "Spend yourselves on behalf of the poor."